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10 minutes
High Voltage PCB Design for Arc Prevention
PCB layout recommendations given to improve the arching performance of mounted high voltage ceramic capacitors and discuss results from PCB design tests.
5 minutes
Introduction to Safety Certified Capacitors
Designed for surge and impulse protection, safety certified capacitors shunt impulse energy to ground and protect the circuit and user from high voltage surges.
5 minutes
Introduction to X2Y® Capacitors
Yields low inductance and tight balance despite its simple structure. Versatile and suitable for decoupling, bypassing, and EMI filtering applications.
10 minutes
MLCC Basics
The manufacturing process, materials systems, basic specifications of ceramic capacitors, and characteristics of ceramic chip capacitors are explained.

關於 Johanson Dielectrics, Inc.

Johanson Dielectrics, Inc. 為全球客戶供應高品質陶瓷晶片電容的歷史超過 30 年。本公司的經營理念簡單明瞭:完全滿足客戶對於高品質、技術先進陶瓷電子元件的需求,藉此不斷提升公司的盈利能力。