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Analog Devices, Inc.

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ADI 在過去五十多年來,持續推出無可比擬的創新技術與解決方案,協助客戶在眾多領域與應用中解決問題。

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Analog Devices 專注於提供能針對工廠設備進行即時監控的解決方案。

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Instrumentation and Measurement

Check out ADI’s portfolio of high performance test & measurement. Find the applications and resources for your next design at Digi-Key.



From ADAS to Full Autonomy with Analog Devices
LIDAR FPGA Development Platform
ADI's Modular LIDAR Prototyping Platform Reduces Time to Market
ADIN1200/ADIN1300 Robust Ethernet PHY | Datasheet Preview

近期的 PTM

5 minutes
LTC33xx Silent Switcher Synchronous Buck Regulator Family for 5V Applications
This presentation will provide an introduction to Analog Devices LTC33xx family of synchronous buck regulators.
5 minutes
LTC3376 20V 4-Channel Buck DC/DC PMIC
This presentation will provide an overview of the LTC3376 from Analog Devices.
10 minutes
MEMS Switch Technology
This PTM goes over the features, benefits and applications of the MEMS switch.
5 minutes
LTC3246 Wide VIN Range 500 mA Buck-Boost Charge Pump
Low operating current and low external parts count make the LTC3246 ideally suited for low power, space constrained automotive/ industrial applications
5 minutes
LTC7124 17V Dual 3.5A Synchronous Step-Down Regulator
This presentation will introduce Linear Technology’s LTC7124 17V, Dual 3.5A Synchronous Step-Down Regulator.
5 minutes
LTC7150S 20V 20A Monolithic Buck Regulator
This presentation will introduce Linear Technology’s LTC7150S 20V 20A Monolithic Buck Regulator.

關於 Analog Devices, Inc.

Analog Devices (NASDAQ: ADI) 是設計、製造和銷售多種高效能類比、混合訊號和數位訊號處理 (DSP) 積體電路 (IC) 產品組合的世界領導廠商,其產品能用於幾乎所有類型的電子設備。自 1965 年成立以來,持續致力於解決與電子設備訊號處理相關的工程挑戰。本公司的訊號處理產品已由全球 100,000 名以上客戶使用,在實際環境情況的轉換、調節和處理上扮演重要角色,例如將溫度、壓力、音效、光、速度、動作轉換成電子訊號,以便用於眾多電子裝置中。