Image of JAE Electronics' JN1V/2V Series Environmental Proof Circular Connectors
JN1V/2V Series Environmental Proof Circular Connectors

JAE’s JN1V/2V series environmental proof circular, one-touch locking connectors are ideal for industrial equipment requiring strong environmental resistance.

Image of TDK's MHF1608 Series Filters
MHF1608 Series Noise Suppression Filters

TDK’s MHF1608 series noise suppression filters for MF and HF frequency bands use a developed high-loss, highly permeable ferrite material.

Image of Analog Devices' ADM2461E/63E Integrated Circuits
ADM2461E/63E Integrated Circuits

Analog Devices' ADM2461E/63E integrated circuits are a reinforced isolated RS485 family with smart features that reduce design time and material costs.

Image of Cinch Connectivity Solutions' RG-174 Cable Assemblies
RG-174 纜線組件

Cinch Connectivity Solutions 的 RG-174 纜線組件,包括 SMA 對 SMA 及 SMA 對 MMCX 連接器,提供多種標準和公制長度。

Image of ABLIC's S-576Z R Series ZCL Hall Effect ICs
S-576Z R Series ZCL Hall Effect ICs

ABLIC's S-576Z R series of ZCL Hall effect ICs are ideal for controlling BLDC motor rotation used for opening and closing electric valve actuators.

Image of Phoenix Contact's FINEPITCH Board-to-Board Connector
FINEPITCH 系列板對板連接器

Phoenix Contact 的 FINEPITCH 連接器系列推出板對板連接器,以補充現有的 PCB 端子台和連接器產品組合。

Image of NXP's KM Series MCUs
KM35 MCU Family for Smart Metering

NXP's KM35 series MCUs feature a 32-bit Arm® Cortex®-M0+ core and feature a metering specific memory mapped arithmetic unit (MMAU).

Image of TRACO Power's TEP 40UIR/60UIR Series DC/DC Converters
TEP 40UIR/60UIR 系列 DC/DC 轉換器

TRACO Power 的 TEP 40UIR/60UIR 高效能鐵路 DC/DC 轉換器具有超寬廣的 12:1 輸入電壓範圍,並採用小型四分之一磚金屬封裝。

Image of ebm-papst's RV45 Centrifugal Fan
RV45 離心風扇

ebm-papst 的 RV45 離心風扇已針對快速變速進行最佳化,而其小巧的尺寸和創新的設計使其輕巧且幾乎無聲。

Image of Panasonic's EZP-Q Series
EZP-Q 系列薄膜電容

Panasonic 推出高防潮 EZP-Q 系列金屬化聚丙烯薄膜電容,額定為 85/85 並通過 1000 小時測試。

Image of MACOM Technology Solutions's MAGX-100027-015S0P 50 V, 15 W GaN Amplifier
MAGX-100027-015S0P 50 V, 15 W GaN Amplifier

MACOM Technology Solution’s MAGX-100027-015S0P supports both CW and pulsed operation with peak output power levels to 15 W (41.8 dBm) in a plastic package.

Image of CUI Inc's Compact 3 W to 30 W Isolated DC/DC Converters
Compact 3 W to 30 W Isolated DC/DC Converters

CUI’s PRQ3W-S, PQD10W-D, PQF20W-D, and PRF30W-D series compact isolated DC/DC converters offer asymmetrical outputs and 3 W to 30 W of continuous power.

Image of Harting's T1 Industrial Single-Pair Ethernet Connector
T1 工業級單對乙太網路 (SPE) 連接器

Harting 的 T1 工業級單對乙太網路連接器利用 PoDL 技術為裝置帶來了通信、電壓和電流。

Image of Abracon's ASADV/ASDDV/ASEDV Series Oscillators
ASADV/ASDDV/ASEDV Series Oscillators

Abracon's ASADV, ASDDV, and ASEDV series of MHz crystal oscillators are designed for simplicity and optimized for low power consumption.

Image of Omron Corporation's RFID Magnetic Locking Safety Switches
RFID 磁性鎖定安全開關

Omron Automation and Safety 推出 RFID 磁性鎖定安全開關,可提供高保持力和防篡改能力,萬一斷電,可在無停機時間的機器上使用。