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Phoenix Contact

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Phoenix Contact 針對眾多產業提供多種彈性、優質、符合成本效益的產品,讓您享有眾多控制櫃選項。

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Phoenix Contact 具備廣泛的電源、控制和網路連接專業知識,有信心為您的所有應用提供可靠性、多功能性和高效能。

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Phoenix Contact 的資料中心連接解決方案包括網路通訊、可靠的配電、資料傳輸和高系統可用性。



Monitor energy flow with the easy EMpro!
Environmental Case System | Datasheet Preview
Light connection with panel feed-throughs – IPD installation system
Powering your PCB

近期的 PTM

5 minutes
FINEPITCH Series of Board-to-Board Connectors
Phoenix Contact's FINEPITCH board-to-board connectors offer a wide range of connection configurations.
10 minutes
DIN Rail Terminal Blocks
This presentation will introduce the different types of terminal blocks, features, and accessories for the terminal blocks.
5 minutes
SF-ASD 16 Battery-Powered Torque Screwdriver
Introduction to the features and proper operation of Phoenix Contact's SF-ASD 16 cordless torque screwdriver.
5 minutes
Introduction to Phoenix Contact's CRIMPFOX DUO 10 rotating die ferrule crimper, offering front or side entry.
5 minutes
Environmental Case System
Discussion of limitations of existing enclosures for utility vehicle control and features of the environmental case system that address those limitations.
10 minutes
SDC 2.5 and SDDC 1.5 with SKEDD Direct Plug-in Technology
The SDC 2.5 and SDDC 1.5 series of connectors can be plugged into, or un-plugged from, a PCB without the need for a header, saving a component on the printed circuit board

關於 Phoenix Contact

Phoenix Contact 是電氣連接、電子介面和工業自動化技術的全球領導廠商。我們期盼以創新和啟發的解決方案促成進步。本公司與客戶和企業夥伴之間的關係以共同且持續的利益為導向。Phoenix Contact 是全整合式的製造商,從產品設計、工程,到生產都由 Phoenix Contact 完整包辦。

本公司是公認的 PCB 和 DIN 軌道應用端子台連接技術的全球市場領導廠商。多種產品領域包括端子台、電源供應器、訊號調節器與數據轉換器、工業連接器、暫態電壓和突波保護、無線訊號和數據發射器。Phoenix Contact 亦提供完整的自動化解決方案,例如工業 PC、I/O、HMI、軟體以及工業乙太網路。

Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co. 於 1923 年創立於德國 Blomberg,年總銷售額超過 17.7 億歐元,並且在全球有超過 14,000 名員工。Phoenix Contact USA 是本公司 46 間國際子公司之一,創立於 1981 年。