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Omron Electronic Components

Image of Omron's G3VM MOSFET Relays


Omron MOSFET Solid State Relays have the smallest available packages in the industry while still maintaining flexibility for a wide range of applications.

Image of Omron's Photomicrosensors


Omron’s transmissive, reflective, and actuator photomicrosensors along with tools and support are available at Digi-Key. Learn more and order today!

Image of Omron's XF2M Series

XF2M Series Rotary Backlock FPC/FFC Connectors

Omron's XF2M series FPC/FFC connectors feature a rotary backlock mechanism that improves the cable connection efficiency and offers more reliable lock action.

Tools and Support


XW4M/N Push-In Terminal Block Connector | Datasheet Preview
DC Brushless Power Tools – Trigger Switch
Push-In PCB Terminal Block Connectors
Healthcare Human Monitoring – B5L Time of Flight Sensor

近期的 PTM

5 minutes
XW4M/XW4N Series Push-in Terminal Block PCB Connectors
This module will provide an overview of the product including product advantages, key features, performance details, and applications.
5 minutes
G3VM MOSFET Relay with S-VSON Package
An introduction of Omron's S-VSON relay package, focusing on package types and applications.
5 minutes
B3AL Series of SMT Long-Stroke Tactile Switches
An introduction including the advantages, features, and applications of Omron's B3AL series of SMT long-stroke tactile switches.
5 minutes
High Frequency Relays featuring G6K-2F-RF-V (8GHz) Part 2
This presentation will familiarize users with high frequency signal relays.
10 minutes
Introduction to Omron MOSFET Relays
Omron's MOSFET relays are designed for applications where stable resistance, fast switching speeds, and extended life are necessary for superior performance.
20 minutes
Low Signal Relays
Focused on low signal relays; specifically the five low signal families G6K, G6S, G6J, G5V-1 and G5V-2.

關於 Omron Electronic Components


Omron Electronic Components 在過去 80 多年來,一直都是先進電子元件的領先製造商與供應商。提供豐富的產品組合,包括繼電器、開關、連接器、MEMS 流量感測器、壓力感測器以及光學元件。Omron Electronic Components 是 Omron Corporation 在美洲的子公司,是市值 70 億元美元的電子和控制系統元件與服務的全球領導供應商。Omron 豐富的品項遍及全球各地的眾多應用,包括通訊、運輸、HVAC、電器、工業自動化、消費性電子、測試與量測以及電玩領域。Omron Electronic Components 擁有廣大的銷售網絡,包括區域業務專員、內部銷售代表、技術業務助理、客服人員,以及授權經銷商網絡。