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What is LFPAK56D half-bridge?
PCB layout options for MOSFETs in low/medium power automotive motor control
Introducing Silicon Germanium (SiGe) rectifiers
Sige Rectifiers in CFP Packages | Datasheet Preview

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5 minutes
Silicon Germanium Rectifiers
This presentation will explain the features and benefits in power applications of Nexperia's Silicon Germanium Rectifiers.
5 minutes
Resistor-Equipped Transistors (RETs, Digital Transistors)
Nexperia's resistor-equipped transistors deliver safe, reliable, and efficient switching in automotive and many other applications.
10 minutes
LFPAK56D Half-Bridge MOSFETs
Nexperia’s LFPAK56D package is a series of half-bridge (high side & low side) MOSFETs constructed in a space-saving format.
5 minutes
Automotive Trench 9 MOSFETs
This presentation will give insight into the Trench 9 super-junction MOSFET technology and its benefits.
5 minutes
AXP Translators Overview
The series features very low dynamic power dissipation and are suitable for any application that requires level translation.
5 minutes
Medium Power Bipolar Transistors
The best options to reduce occupied PCB space while increasing the thermal performance when mounted on modern multi-layer PCBs.

關於 Nexperia

Nexperia 是專注於離散、邏輯和 MOSFET 元件的全球領導廠商。公司在 2017 年初獨立。

Nexperia 專注於效率,大量生產一致可靠性的半導體元件:每年 850 億產量。本公司豐富的產品組合能符合嚴格的汽車產業標準。採用業界領先的小型封裝,在本公司的生產廠房中自行製造,結合功率與散熱效能,具備同級最佳的品質等級。

Nexperia 具備超過半世紀的專業技術,在亞洲、歐洲、美國共有 11,000 員工,支援全球客戶。