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Image of Littelfuse's Off Highway Vehicles

Off-Highway Electric Vehicle Solutions

Explore the Littelfuse advanced power distribution, circuit protection, and power semi solutions for off-highway vehicles.

Image of Littelfuse's Low Side Gate Driver


IXYS 的低側閘極驅動器非常適合作為耐用的功率 MOSFET 和 IGBT 介面。

Image of Littelfuse's Magnetic Temperature Sensors

磁性和溫度感測器 - 簧片、NTC、RTD

Littelfuse 豐富的磁性感測器品項涵蓋簧片開關、簧片感測器、霍爾效應感測器、簧片繼電器,以及裸線和封裝的磁性致動器。



Littelfuse ITV Series | Datasheet Preview
Manual Battery Disconnect Switch – TR Series
AF0100 Arc-Flash Relay
Metal Hybrid PPTC Battery Mini Breakers - MHP TAC Series

近期的 PTM

5 minutes
Automotive and Commercial Vehicle Fuse Holders
This presentation will introduce product anatomy, structure, and attributes of Littelfuse’s CVP products.
10 minutes
High-Speed Fuseology
This presentation will explain how to implement robust fuse protection from Littelfuse.
10 minutes
Surge Protection Devices (SPDs) for Industrial Applications
Littelfuse's surge protection devices protect equipment from transient overvoltage and are offered in multiple pole versions for all types of distribution systems.
5 minutes
Resistance Temperature Detectors
Introduction of the Littelfuse thin film platinum resistance temperature detectors
10 minutes
Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Charging Solutions
Littelfuse offers a broad array of solutions for AC and DC types of electric vehicle charging stations.
5 minutes
Sensing and Reliability Solutions for IoT Control Units
This presentation will illustrate how a smart thermostat can be used in an IoT Control Unit.

關於 Littelfuse

Littelfuse 的產品在使用電氣能量的應用中皆屬關鍵元件,適用於消費性電子、汽車到工業設施等領域。本公司提供業界最豐富、最深入的電路保護產品組合,並在功率控制和感測領域不斷發展。隨著企業策略下的組織加速成長及策略性併購,本公司也逐漸拓展到鄰近市場領域。這些市場包括功率半導體、高負載開關、磁性、光學、機電和溫度感測器;以及提供安全控制和配電的產品。