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Image of Hirose's Application Solutions

Application Solutions

Hirose’s top-of-the-line connectors are available for a broad range of applications. Choose from from RF, coaxial, board-to-board, wire-to-board, in-line, circular, micro USB, and FPC/FFC connectors.

Image of Hirose's Wire-to-Board Connectors

Wire-to-Board Connectors

We offer a wide array of wire-to-board connectors for various applications. Our versatile products range from a tiny 4 Amp single-pole series to high-power 10.16 pitch, 45 Amp series.

Image of Hirose's HR30 Series Connectors

HR30 Series Connectors

Hirose circular connectors are robust, compact and versatile. Featuring waterproof capabilities, visual mating guides, and easy-to-operate locking mechanisms, make them an excellent choice.



FX27 Series High-Speed Card Edge Connectors | Datasheet Preview
BF4 – Hirose’s Unidirectional Active Optical Connector System
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近期的 PTM

5 minutes
Micro-Coaxial Connector
Introducing Hirose’s DF81, DF80, and DF36 series also discussed will be some of the features and benefits, locking options, and typical applications.
15 minutes
Wire-to-Board Connector
This module is intended to introduce various connectors manufactured by Hirose and to share some of the features and benefits and the applications.
10 minutes
MS-162B Series RF Coaxial Switch Overview
MS-162B achieves the requirement for a low profile, light weight connector with low loss and high performance characteristics.
15 minutes
HR08D Series Introduction
The HR08D connector series is a small robust, push-on bayonet lock that is oil-proof and waterproof and supports IP68 class.
5 minutes
Swing Lock Series Introduction
Swing Lock series has a double locking system; positive lock and friction lock.
5 minutes
DF62 Series Introduction
Explaining the features and benefits of the DF62 Series.

關於 Hirose

Hirose Electric 是全球頂尖的連接器製造商,提供種類豐富的互連元件,包括 RF、同軸、板對板、線對板、圓形、micro USB、FPC/FFC,以及工業電源連接器。本公司的卡連接器系列針對 microSD™、SD、Compact PCI 提供解決方案。Hirose Electric 支援消費性電子、醫療、工業和汽車市場中的先進技術。本公司的全球生產作業提供最佳的供應鏈服務。Hirose 的產品以其優異的品質與可靠性而聞名。