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Bel Fuse Inc.

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Bel Fuse 的電路保護產品組合包含現今市面上種類最齊全的電路保護產品。

Image of Bel Fuse's LAN Discrete Transformer Modules

LAN 離散變壓器模組

Bel Fuse, Inc. 的 LAN 變壓器模組針對常用的 10/100 Base TX 和 Gigabit 乙太網路等銅纜 LAN 數據傳輸標準所設計。

Image of Bel Fuse's MagJack Integrated Connector Modules

MagJack 整合式連接器模組

Bel Fuse 的 MagJack® 整合式連接器模組 (ICM) 產品系列是 Bel Fuse 和 Stewart 的優質系列的產品,適合乙太網路應用。



Bel Mag- 5G base T ICM | Datasheet Preview
Bel Fuse-Circuit Protection 0AD Series Family of Fuses Product Overview
Circuit Protection 0AD Series Family of Fuses Product Overview
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近期的 PTM

10 minutes
Integrated Connector Module, ICM
ICM is a single module made of a combination of magnetic and discrete components, which eases the conversion from the physical layer to the physical media.
15 minutes
MagJack® Integrated Magnetics Modular Jacks
The MagJack family of highly integrated Ethernet connector modules offer design flexibility, RoHS compatibility, reliability, and manufacturing testing methods.
10 minutes
ARJ45 Category 7a Modular Connector System
The ARJ45 connector system was designed for high performance Category 7a and Class Fa systems.
5 minutes
Modular Jack EPP-918A Environmental Protection Gel
EPP-918A Compound helps prevent corrosion due to harsh environments and usage, is RoHS6 compliant, and contains a UV tracer to assist in visual inspection.

關於 Bel Fuse Inc.

Bel Fuse-Circuit Protection 提供多種 PCB 安裝、表面黏著和 PTC 自復式保險絲。PCB 安裝產品包括徑向、標準玻璃和陶瓷管狀保險絲。此公司一直為業界轉換至表面黏著式保險絲設計的先鋒,例如磚型和晶片保險絲,能滿足小型、緊湊技術的需求。Bel Fuse-Circuit Protection 還提供表面黏著和徑向兩種類型的 PTC 自復式保險絲的完整產品。其保險絲產品已通過許多第三方機構的認證,符合多種效能標準。認證標誌透過 UL、CSA、PSE、CCC、VDE 和 Semko 等機構獲得。保險絲和 PTC 自復式保險絲產品均符合 RoHS 2。