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XP Power

Image of XP Power's DC-DC Converters

DC-DC 轉換器

XP Power 提供 0.1 W 至 750 W 的 DC-DC 轉換器,輸出電壓介於 1.2 VDC 至 10 kVDC。轉換器採用緊湊的 SMD、DIP、SIP 和底盤安裝封裝,能符合工業、醫療、國防和鐵路應用的全球安全標準。

Image of XP Power's FCS series

FCS 系列

XP Power 的 FCS 系列電源供應器能將空載功耗降至最低並發揮最高效率,以符合最新的環境法規。

Image of XP Power's Wall/Desktop Power


XP Power 提供豐富的低成本壁式和桌上型外接電源供應器產品組合,能符合全球多項新制訂的能源效率標準。


HRC05 Series – High Voltage DC-DC Converters
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This presentation will provide an overview of the product and the key specifications of the HRL30 series of high-voltage DC/DC converters from XP Power.
8 minutes
ECF40 Series of 40 W Open Frame Power Supplies
The ECF40 is a 40 W AC-DC open frame power supply in a compact package and with an incredibly low profile making it one of the smallest 40 W power supplies XP has ever produced
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High Voltage DC to DC Converters
This presentation will introduce XP Power’s High Voltage DC to DC Converters
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ECP180 Series of Open Frame Power Supplies
One of the leading range of products in terms of power density and efficiency featuring an ultra-low profile and small footprint.
5 minutes
IEC 60601 3rd Edition Medical Safeties
Understanding the changes from 2nd edition to 3rd edition medical safeties and how they affect power supplies.

關於 XP Power

XP Power 致力於成為電源解決方案的領導供應商,產品包括 AC-DC 電源供應器、DC-DC 轉換器,以及 DC 轉高壓 DC 轉換器。XP 透過位於北美、歐洲和亞洲的內部設計中心,再到遍佈全球的製造設施提供全方位品質。本公司以單一來源提供最豐富的電源產品,解決方案適用於工業、健康照護、鐵路、國防與科技市場。