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Vishay / Dale

Image of Wireless Charging Receiving Coil


Vishay 推出業界首款市售鐵粉架構的 WPC 規格無線充電接收線圈。

Image of IHLP-6767GZ-51 Power Inductor

IHLP-6767GZ-51 功率電感

Vishay/Dale 的 IHLP 薄型、高電流電感採用 6767 外殼尺寸,覆蓋區為 17.15 mm x 17.15 mm,厚度為 7.0 mm。

Image of WSLT2512 High-Temperature Resistor

WSLT2512 高溫電阻

Vishay/Dale 的 WSLT2512 是業界首款表面黏著式 Power Metal Strip 電阻,工作溫度範圍介於 -65°C 至 +275°C。



Vishay is The DNA of tech
Resistors: CMB 0207 – The SMD champion for high pulse load applications
Resistors: Vishay Dale Power Metal Strip® - WSHM/WSHP
Vishay's Power Metal Strip Temperature Coefficient of Resistance

近期的 PTM

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This tutorial will provide an overview of the RCS thick film chip resistor series.
5 minutes
RCV High-Voltage Thick Film Chip Resistors
This module will present an overview of the RCV products. The key functional performance parameters of the RCV series will be discussed as well as construction and features. A selection of potential applications from typical market segments will be presented.
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TNPW0201 Thin Film Chip Resistors
This presentation will discussed basic electric parameters, features, construction, applications and benefits of the TNPW0201 thin film chip resistor.
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WSHM/WSHP Power Metal Strip® Resistors
Vishay Dale's Power Metal Strip® WSHP2818 and WSHM2818 resistors are all-metal welded construction that offers AEC-Q200 qualified automotive grade performance.

關於 Vishay / Dale

Vishay 的產品組合集結了豐富的離散半導體 (二極體、MOSFET 和光電產品) 以及被動元件 (電阻、電感和電容)。這些元件適用於各領域幾乎所有類型的電子裝置和設備,包含工業、運算、汽車、消費性、電信、軍事、航太、醫療。Vishay 非常榮幸能與 Digi-Key 成為重要合作夥伴。