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- 完全認證、傳輸媒體認可的閘道器、路由器以及數據機,適用於 M2M/IoT 應用。 MultiTech 為工業物聯網設計、開發及製造通訊設備,連接實體資產至業務流程,以便提升價值。 我們承諾提供高品質和優質服務,因此您可以信賴 MultiTech 的產品與人員能為您滿足需求。本公司在創新層面的經驗,可確保您保有領先的最新技術,我們會為您的方案提供持續的支援。 全球總部與生產廠房位於美國明尼蘇達州 Mounds View。

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無論需要測試、編程、開發、調查、原型或連接, MultiTech 都具備開發選項,支援所有需求。 瞭解詳情

MultiConnect Cell 100 Modems

Multi-Tech’s MultiConnect Cell 100 series modems utilize cellular communication for M2M applications. 瞭解詳情

Dragonfly 行動系統模組 (SoM)

MultiTech 的 MultiConnect Dragonfly 整合就緒模組通過完整認證和 MNO 認可。 瞭解詳情

MultiConnect® rCell 100 路由器

MultiConnect rCell 100 系列行動路由器適合多種應用,例如數位看板、智慧型販賣機、智慧能源或家用醫療監測。 瞭解詳情

MultiConnect® Conduit™ IoT 平台

MultiTech 的 IoT 平台包含可編程閘道器、遠程 RF 模組,以及遠端主機的應用市場,提供完整的裝置管理。 瞭解詳情

SocketModem® 擴充板 - 配接器開發套件

MultiTech 推出 Arduino 擴充板相容配接器板,能採用 MultiTech 的嵌入式行動 SocketModem 系列進行快速開發 瞭解詳情

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Certification Overview for Cellular Devices 發佈日期:2014-03-27

Introduction to Multi-Tech's pre-certified, embedded cellular solutions.

Duration: 5 minutes

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This is MultiTech. An Overview.

This overview video is a glimpse in to MultiTech as told by it's people.

MultiTech History

Multi-Tech Systems, Inc. was founded in 1970. MultiTech designs, develops and manufactures communications equipment for the industrial Internet of Things – connecting physical assets to business processes to deliver enhanced value.

MultiTech Customer

At our core MultiTech is about people. From every corner of our organizational structure we collaborate and understand with mutual respect that our people are most important - especially our customers.

MultiTech - Innovating for more than 45 years.

From the earliest analog systems, to the cellular heart of today’s industrial Internet of Things to the latest low-power wireless technology, MultiTech has consistently connected businesses in ways previously unimaginable.