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Continous LED Technology Improvements
Turning LED Improvements into User Benefits
Luminous Efficacy Radiation in LED System Calculations
Lumileds: Life in Color

近期的 PTM

5 minutes
LUXEON C Line of Color and White LEDs
Benefits include cooler color temperatures, color mixing without halos, a compact package size, and hot testing.
5 minutes
LUXEON 5258 and CoB Compact
An overview of the LUXEON 5258 and LUXEON CoB Compact products.
5 minutes
LUXEON M and MZ Emitters
Introduction to Lumileds LUXEON M and LUXEON MZ high efficiency multi-die emitters.
5 minutes
LUXEON TX has the industry's lowest typical Vf at 2.83V as well as the industry's lowest maximum Vf at 3.0V.
5 minutes
LUXEON Micro-Package UV LED
About 1/5th the size of the other ultraviolet LEDs, LUXEON UV is one of the industry's smallest, high powered UV emitters.
5 minutes
Luxeon Z Illumination Portfolio
The no dome design offers significantly better color over angle from lesser deviation of light rays in undomed architecture.

關於 Lumileds

開發汽車、行動、IoT 和發光照明應用的企業,需要合作夥伴一同挑戰照明的極限。Lumileds 是全球照明解決方案公司,擁有超過 100 年的發明和業界創舉經驗,協助世界各地的客戶提供差異化解決方案,以便達到並維持競爭力。Lumileds 身為 Xenon 技術的發明者、鹵素燈先驅,以及高效能 LED 的領導廠商,持續在技術、產品和客戶關係上保持創新、品質與可靠度。Lumileds 協同客戶,利用照明一同讓世界更安全、美好且更加美麗。