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Lumex, Inc.

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5 minutes
Bi-Stable LCD Technology
Lumex's Bi-Stable LCDs use 99% less power than traditional LCDs and are available in custom diagonal sizes from 3" to 9.5".
5 minutes
Ray Tracing
Lumex uses state-of-the-art ray trace software with precise 3D CAD/CAM models for optimal light transmittance to ensure proper light pipe design.
10 minutes
QuasarBrite™ LED Panel Indicator Technology
QuasarBrite LED panel indicators offer wire leads ranging from 6" to 6' and mounting options including nut and washer, friction fit, and lock-in switch.
5 minutes
Light Pipe and LED Matching
Matching a light pipe to an LED ensures optimum performance. Key matching elements are location, size, viewing angle, and color binning.
10 minutes
TransBrite™ Light Pipe Technology
What a light pipe is, how light pipes can transport light from an LED, and design consideration and the cost advantages of the TransBrite™ technology from Lumex.
10 minutes
Technological advances in LED backlighting like brightness, cost, and low power consumption have led to increase use of backlighting beyond LCD illumination.

關於 Lumex, Inc.

Lumex 在 30 多年來已在光電子產業中成為全球領導廠商,提供業界最豐富的高效率、高效能 LED 和 LCD 產品。Lumex 提供上千種標準產品,並著重在半客製化與全客製化設計,為追求高品質和創新的客戶提供寶貴資源。Lumex 的光學系列涵蓋的光譜相當寬廣,包括 UV、可見光以及紅外線波長。Lumex 的技術設計專家團隊合力在最複雜的設計難題中,開發出有效的智慧方案。