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Johanson Technology 2.4 GHz Chip Antenna
Dialog and Johanson New Product Discoveries with Randall Restle Episode 11

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5 minutes
Benefits of using Integrated Passive Components over a Discrete Solution
By investing in an integrated passive component, any given design can have a 2 dB improvement over manufacturing tolerances, increasing system yields.
5 minutes
EIA 1111 Silver Series S42E MLCCs
Silver Series S42E High Q MLCCs advantages include high temperature dissipation, high dielectric stability, low ESR, and competitive pricing.
5 minutes
RF Capacitor Modeling Software
The MLCsoft interface allows the user to select one of six MLCC sizes plus other part variables and displays the complete Johanson part number.
15 minutes
RF Ceramic Chip Antennas
Explanation of application and theory of chip antennas, general antenna layout considerations and guidelines, and antenna selection criteria.
5 minutes
Inductor Coupling Effects, Reduction and Orientation Schemes
Reduce coupling by facing orientation marks in the same direction. Thus, the performance consistency and complete system yield from board to board will improve.

關於 Johanson Technology

Johanson Technology 公司成立之初即專注於 RF、微波和光學市場。本公司的設計團隊經驗豐富,能透過陶瓷、墨水及 RF 電路設計的最佳化,提供優異的高頻陶瓷解決方案。由於專注於高頻解決方案,JTI 能提供絕佳高頻效能的產品。本公司通過 ISO9001-2000 標準認證。Johanson Technology 提供高頻陶瓷解決方案,適用於行動電話、WLAN、藍牙、WiMax、WiFi、UWB、RF/微波、毫米波以及光纖應用,也提供客製化高頻陶瓷解決方案。提供多種標準產品,包括積層電容、單層電容、RF 電感、RF 繞線式電感、晶片天線、平衡與不平衡轉換器、平衡式濾波器、帶通濾波器、高通濾波器、低通濾波器、耦合器和雙工器。