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- Io Audio Technologies 隸屬於 Knight Electronics, Inc.,設計、開發、製造專業纜線、連接器以及配件,適用於音訊、照明以及視訊產業。針對音訊、照明、網路、電源,提供標準長度的纜線。歡迎提出客製化需求。由專家所設計的產品,提供給專業人士使用,Io Audio Technologies 致力於建立高品質、價格實惠的產品,符合音樂和音效專業人員的需求和日常工作。

Featured Products

Image of Io Audio Technologies 5-Pin DMX Cables

5-Pin DMX Cables

Io Audio Technologies' DMX cables are designed to be a rugged solution for wiring a professional lighting rig with perfect DMX512 transmission. Learn More

Image of Io Audio Technologies etherCON® Connectors

Etherlatch™ Connectors

Io Audio Technologies are designed for solid digital audio connections such as digital snakes, AES50 and MADI formats, and lighting protocols such as DMX 512 and ArtNet. Learn More

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M 系列/T 系列樂器纜線

Io Audio Technologies M 系列/T 系列樂器纜線具有外罩組件,無需工具即可快速輕鬆地完成組裝。 瞭解詳情

Powerlatch™ Connectors

Io Audio Technologies' Powerlatch™ connectors enhance safety by replacing standard NEMA and IEC style power connections in industrial applications. 瞭解詳情

KORE 系列耐用纜線保護器

Io Audio Technologies 的 KORE 系列耐用纜線保護器可保護音訊、電源和工業纜線免受卡車、汽車和人員的損壞。 瞭解詳情

XLR 系列纜線

IO Audio Technologies 的 XLR 系列音訊纜線提供三種不同等級:高效能、專業和頂級,能滿足各種音訊應用的需求。 瞭解詳情

XLR 連接器

IO Audio Technologies 的 XLR 三和五引腳連接器具有可靠的鎖定機制,非常適合音訊、照明控制和電源員應用。 瞭解詳情

Powerlatch™ 纜線

Io Audio Technologies 的 Powerlatch™ 纜線為特殊鎖定電源纜線,提供安全性、可靠性,並且為 powerCON® 相容。 瞭解詳情

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Io Audio 3 Pin XLR Connectors

IO Audio 3 pin XLR connectors are a rugged and dependable locking connection solution. Requiring no tools for housing assembly, these connectors are suitable for onsite termination and allow the user to troubleshoot connection issues quickly.

Who is Io Audio?

As a company of life-long musicians we are leveraging our extensive experience in the live sound industry to bring you high-quality audio cables, connectors and accessories.

NAMM 2018 - Io Audio Technologies with Master Electronics

Master Electronics catches up with Io Audio Technologies' Randy Rivero, VP of Technology, at the NAMM 2018 Trade Show.