- HARTING 開發、製造和銷售電氣和電子連接器、裝置端子、背板、網路元件,以及纜線線束,適用於網路或機械以及工廠的電力和數據應用。 本公司的產品適用於機械和廠房工程、廣播與娛樂系統、工廠自動化、發電及配電以及工業電子產品與電信。

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Image of Harting's Har-flex® Mezzanine Connectors

har-flex® Mezzanine Connectors

Har-flex mezzanine connector series is a special feature forming an ideal basis for customized applications. Learn More

Image of Harting's DIN 41 612 Connectors

DIN 41 612 Connectors

DIN 41 612 Connectors features comprehensive range of standard, inverse and complementary connector types with solder, crimp, wire-wrap and press-in terminations. Learn More

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Little Giants

Harting’s Little Giants, the future of miniaturized ethernet connectors. Heroes that can save you time, space & money; check out the M8 D-Code & ix Industrial® connectors today! 瞭解詳情

Han® 1A 重型電源連接器

HARTING 的 Han® 1A 重型電源連接器可傳輸數據、訊號和電源。 瞭解詳情

Han® ES 按壓 HMC 連接器

HARTING 的 Han® ES 按壓高插拔次數 (HMC) 連接器提供鍍金觸點和具有籠式鉗具的壓制技術。 瞭解詳情

VarioBoot® RJ45 纜線

HARTING 的 VarioBoot® RJ45 纜線可以向各個方向佈線,不會產生干擾或傳輸損耗,因此非常適用於電氣外殼或控制櫃。 瞭解詳情

Han-Eco® B 系列連接器

HARTING 的 Han-Eco® B 系列是耐用的強化玻璃纖維聚醯胺矩形連接器,具有一些獨特的特點,可提供具競爭優勢的好處。 瞭解詳情

Han® M23 電力混合連接器

HARTING 的 Han® M23 Hybrid 是一款產品擴充元件,可將數據 (透過同軸纜線) 與現有的電源和訊號觸點一起整合到圓形連接器中。 瞭解詳情

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Modular Industry Computing Architecture (MICA) 發佈日期:2017-04-12

MICA is small, robust, maintenance free, and can multitask while running several applications securely in parallel.

Duration: 5 minutes
Unmanaged Power over Ethernet Switches 發佈日期:2016-02-26

Power over Ethernet allows for simpler and quicker installations due to reduction in cabling needed, which leads to the overall installation cost savings.

Duration: 7 minutes
Ha-VIS eCon 2000 and 3000 Unmanaged Ethernet Switches 發佈日期:2016-02-19

This presentation will introduce HARTING’s eCon 2000-3000 series of unmanaged Ethernet switches and discuss the features and benefits of the eCon 2000 and 3000 products.

Duration: 10 minutes
Introduction to Termination Types 發佈日期:2015-09-24

Overview of the various types of termination styles that are available in rectangular connectors

Duration: 5 minutes

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Harting Han® 1-Amp Power Connectors | Digi-Key Daily

Han 1A heavy-duty power connectors from Harting are compact and robust rectangular connectors featuring up to twelve contacts that can transmit data, signals, and power.

HARTING Han® 1A - Compact, robust and versatile

The Han® 1A offers a compact, robust and universally deployable rectangular connector system for transmission in all lifelines of Industry 4.0 (data, power, signals).

HARTING M12 PushPull vs M12 Standard Time Study

This video will talk about HARTING'S M12 PushPull vs M12 Standard Time Study.

Connectivity for better devices

Interface connectors provide the data, signal and power lifelines required for industrial devices to meet challenging customer requirements.