Global Specialties

- Global Specialties 成立於 1973 年,是測試與量測的專門公司,在原型開發和教育市場的試驗電路板系統領域中享有盛名。測試產品包括電源供應器、十進位電阻箱、電子訓練器等注重品質和價值的產品。我們要經銷的 Global Specialties 產品將可增添並補足目前的測試與量測產品項目。Digi-Key 將為愛好者、學生、老師和工程師提供 Global Specialties 針對眾多測試和量測應用所提供的產品。

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Global Specialties AAR Arduino Robot--Overview

The Global Specialties AAR Arduino Robot is a small autonomous mobile robot designed in the open source-Arduino prototyping platform. It comes with a USB cable, software CD which includes a 30-page user manual.

Physics Demonstration of Air Pressure with R700 Vector Robotic Arm

Watch a lesson on the physics of air pressure. A Global Specialties R700 Vector Robotic Arm is used in demonstration of air pressure's ability to crush an aluminum can.

1320 High Resolution DC Power Supply

The 1320 can provide continual output power of 200 VA through its 3 output supplies. It features constant current or constant voltage modes with automatic crossover.

1420 Power Supply

The 1420 variable isolated AC power supply is great for testing AC line voltage variations or any given product requiring AC power.