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Essentra Components

Image of Essentra Components Nylon Fasteners and Rivets



Image of Essentra Components Nylon PCB Snap Lock

尼龍 PCB 扣鎖支架

Essentra 的扣鎖支架非常適合在 PCB 堆疊應用中快速組裝。

Image of Essentra's Cable Wire Management

Cable and Wire Management

Manage, organize and protect your cabling with Essentra's vast range of Cable Management solutions, designed to suit a range of demanding applications and varied environments.


Essentra Access Solutions
Essentra Cable Management Product
Essentra Component Capabilities
Essentra Components Fasteners

近期的 PTM

5 minutes
Rivets and Hardware
Rivets designed to meet the needs of many different mounting designs. Available in both permanent and removable styles.
5 minutes
Card Guides and Pullers
Card Guides offer a quick and easy way to secure PCBs vertically or horizontally as well protection from shock and vibration.
5 minutes
Injection Molding and Plastics
Richco's injection molding offers flexibility of MUD units and insert molds and the possibility of very tight tolerances.
5 minutes
Fiber Management
Fiber management solutions including bend limiting tubing, tubing accessories and distributions box and PCB level products.
5 minutes
Grommets and Bushings
Designed to prevent abrasion from sharp edges, particularly where vibration is an issue, and provide long-term solutions to edge protection problems.
5 minutes
Insulators and Fuse Accessories
Insulators providing conductive resistance along with vibration, environmental, and splashproof insulation.

關於 Essentra Components

Essentra Components (原 Richco、Micro Plastics、Alliance Plastics、Mesan 和其他公司) 是全球領先的必備工程元件製造商。

Essentra 的產品組合包括多種用於電子應用的塑膠 PCB 五金、纜線管理、緊固件以及其他聚合物元件。此外,還有完整一般防護產品供您選擇,從粉末塗層應用的矽遮蔽材料,到可用於幾乎任何螺紋防護應用的塑膠蓋帽,應有盡有。除了室內和戶外用的鎖、鉸鍊和配件外,所有產品皆可提供優異的安全性、取用受到管制,並可達到高生產力操作。告訴我們您的需求,我們遍布全球的 2,500 名技術高超專家將與您合作,確保您將優質產品推向市場。

Digi-Key 是 Essentra 的完全授權經銷商,能針對您備受挑戰的應用提供快速、必備的解決方案,更有提供樣品與客製化產品以確保相容性。