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Essentra Components

Image of Essentra Components Nylon Fasteners and Rivets



Image of Essentra Components Nylon PCB Snap Lock

尼龍 PCB 扣鎖支架

Essentra 的扣鎖支架非常適合在 PCB 堆疊應用中快速組裝。


Essentra Access Solutions
Essentra Component Capabilities
Essentra Components Fasteners
Essentra Cable Management Product

近期的 PTM

5 minutes
Rivets and Hardware
Rivets designed to meet the needs of many different mounting designs. Available in both permanent and removable styles.
5 minutes
Card Guides and Pullers
Card Guides offer a quick and easy way to secure PCBs vertically or horizontally as well protection from shock and vibration.
5 minutes
Injection Molding and Plastics
Richco's injection molding offers flexibility of MUD units and insert molds and the possibility of very tight tolerances.
5 minutes
Fiber Management
Fiber management solutions including bend limiting tubing, tubing accessories and distributions box and PCB level products.
5 minutes
Grommets and Bushings
Designed to prevent abrasion from sharp edges, particularly where vibration is an issue, and provide long-term solutions to edge protection problems.
5 minutes
Insulators and Fuse Accessories
Insulators providing conductive resistance along with vibration, environmental, and splashproof insulation.

關於 Essentra Components

Essentra Components 隸屬於 Essentra plc,是專用塑膠、纖維、泡棉和包裝產品的國際領導供應商,具有四個主要事業部:元件與防護方案、多孔技術、包裝與固定方案以及纖維產品。Essentra 透過這些事業部專注在大量、必要元件的輕度生產與配銷,滿足多種終端市場與地域的客戶需求。

Essentra Components 在近期重新品牌命名,此新身份有助於將之前多重品牌的品項統整,納入單一品牌名稱,強調產品豐富性與專業能力。Essentra Components 統整之前多重事業的理念與產品,已經成為全球強大的產品經銷商。這些事業包括 Moss Plastics、Alliance 和 Richco。