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Eaton-Electronics Division

Image of Eaton's Automotive Solutions Selector


Eaton 的選購工具能依據個別的汽車系統和需求,加速元件的選購流程。

Image of Eaton's Bussmann Overcurrent Protection Devices

Bussmann 過電流防護裝置

Eaton 提供多種 Bussmann® 過電流防護裝置,包括保險絲、保險絲座和 PTC 自恢復保險絲。無論是工業控制到消費性產品等各種應用,都可受到保護。

Image of Eaton's HS Hybrid High Power Supercapacitors


Eaton 的 HS 系列混合式超級電容是高可靠度、高功率、超大電容量的儲能裝置,並採用自行開發的材料製成。



New Product Discoveries Ep 405: Riedon SSA & Eaton HS Series | Digi-Key Electronics
MOVS Surface Mount Metal Oxide Varistors
Bussmann Series 1245HC High Current SMD Fuses
EXL High Performance Pressed Powder Inductors

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10 minutes
Eaton Brand Supercapacitors
This presentation will introduce the basic parameters needed for sizing a supercapcitor.
10 minutes
Shielded Drum Core Inductor Coiltronics DR Series
Cost, size, and performance benefits are a few amongst many benefits offered by this series, which is commonly used in the consumer electronics market.
10 minutes
SEPIC Converter
Cost, size, and performance benefit when using couples inductors compared to using two discrete inductors.
15 minutes
PowerStor Supercapacitors
Overview of the considerations to take when selecting a PowerStor supercapacitor.
10 minutes
ESD Voltage Suppressors
Benefits, limitations, operating modes, and applications for an array of ESD voltage suppressing technology options.
15 minutes
Simple Procedures for Proper Overcurrent Protection of DC-DC Converters
An introduction to fuse functions and a guide to proper fuse selection, risk minimization, and typical fuse locations and applications.

關於 Eaton-Electronics Division

Eaton 是一家動力管理公司,2017 年營業額達 204 億美元。我們提供高能效的解決方案,協助客戶更有效率、安全、永續地有效管理電氣、液壓和機械動力。Eaton 致力於使用動力管理技術和服務來改善生活品質和環境。Eaton 大約有 96,000 名員工,為超過 175 個國家/地區的客戶銷售產品。