Essentra Components(前身為 Richco, Inc.)

- Essentra Components 隸屬於 Essentra plc,是專用塑膠、纖維、泡棉和包裝產品的國際領導供應商,具有四個主要事業部:元件與防護方案、多孔技術、包裝與固定方案以及纖維產品。 Essentra 透過這些事業部專注在大量、必要元件的輕度生產與配銷,滿足多種終端市場與地域的客戶需求。


Nylon Fasteners and Rivets

Image of Essentra's Nylon Fasteners & Rivets

How Environmental Factors Impact Extraction Force. Learn More

Nylon PCB Snap Lock Supports

Image of Essentra's PCB Snap Lock Supports

Essentra’s snap lock support are ideal for quick assembly in PCB stacking applications. Learn More

Essentra Access Solutions

Image of Essentra Access Components

Essentra’s division of locks, latches, hinges and handles (Mesan) provides solutions for the industrial, electronics, telecommunications and machinery markets. Learn More

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Essentra Components 的熱穩定、重負載型支撐夾鉗圖片


Essentra 的熱穩定型夾鉗提供多種直徑。瞭解詳情

Essentra 的 KWIK KLIP 纜線夾圖片


Essentra 的 KWIK KLIP 系列能為 PVC 纜線提供穩固且簡易的扣件。瞭解詳情

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Essentra 的輕量尼龍和塑膠扁平墊圈具有防潮和防電的功能,因此非常適合各種應用。 瞭解詳情


Essentra 的孔襯套和孔塞可為孔洞進行最後處理,保護纜線免受尖銳邊緣或切口的摩擦。 瞭解詳情

Microplastic 鑰匙孔型鉚釘

Essentra 的 microplastic 鑰匙孔型鉚釘有獨特的鑰匙孔形狀,可提升輕鬆用手組裝的彈性。 瞭解詳情


Essentra 的微塑膠尼龍凸肩墊圈亦稱為絕緣套筒,可防止濕氣、髒汙何絕大多數化學物質的影響。 瞭解詳情


Essentra 的邊緣夾具組件能針對無法打孔的塑膠或金屬面板提供最佳解決方案,在其上方綑綁纜線、管道和水管。 瞭解詳情


Essentra 的四分之一圈、彈簧加載型鎖系列採用特別設計,具有內部彈簧,可提供觸動式阻力。 瞭解詳情

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Rivets and Hardware 發佈日期:2012-01-26

Rivets designed to meet the needs of many different mounting designs. Available in both permanent and removable styles.

Duration: 5 minutes
Card Guides and Pullers 發佈日期:2012-01-24

Card Guides offer a quick and easy way to secure PCBs vertically or horizontally as well protection from shock and vibration.

Duration: 5 minutes
Injection Molding and Plastics 發佈日期:2012-01-24

Richco's injection molding offers flexibility of MUD units and insert molds and the possibility of very tight tolerances.

Duration: 5 minutes
LED Hardware 發佈日期:2012-01-19

Richco offers spacers, holders, light pipes, and other hardware products for applications which require the use of LEDs.

Duration: 5 minutes

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Supporting your Project: Printed Circuit Board Solutions

Essentra’s Circuit board solutions include; Circuit board supports, Threaded standoffs & spacers which are all used to separate a PC board from the chassis.

Essentra Compression Locks

Essentra’s newest line of compression locks are suitable for a variety of applications.

Essentra Swing handle Locks

Essentra locks give you just what you need for nearly every application, from heavy to light duty. Materials range from durable polyamide and steel cams to corrosion-resistant stainless steel.

Essentra Access Hardware Hinges

Hinges are used on doors, panels, enclosures and any other application in which it is desirable to connect it while allowing it to swing.

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