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Nidec Copal Electronics

Image of Nidec Copal's TF Series Micro-Blowers

TF 系列小型鼓風機、套件和驅動器

Nidec Copal Electronics 的 TF 系列微型鼓風機不僅小巧輕量,更可產生高靜壓力。

Image of Nidec Copal's WL10 Series Liquid Leak Sensor

WL10 系列漏液感測器

Nidec Copal Electronics 的 WL10 系列漏液感測器專為半導體、工業和氣動設備在內的應用所設計。

Image of Nidec Copal's SMD Trimmer Potentiometers

SMD 微調電位器

Nidec Copal Electronics 的 SMD 微調電位器廣泛用於需要高可靠性應用的產業中。



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The PG-100 and PG-100N series are used to measure pressure of pneumatic systems and are ideal for inspection and calibration of pneumatic equipment.
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Features of cermet trimmer potentiometers including uses, applications and advantages.
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An introduction of Copal's JT22 and JT30 series of optical potentiometers, including their features and possible applications.

關於 Nidec Copal Electronics

Nidec Copal Electronics 成立於 1967 年,屬於 Nidec Corporation 的子公司,是電信、電腦、工業、醫療和半導體設備市場的全球供應商。針對這些市場設計和製造的產品包括微調和精密電位器、開關、光學編碼器以及 DC 風扇。Copal 也擴充新產品的開發領域,包括矽晶壓力感測器、多面鏡雷射掃描器、DC 渦輪風扇和溫度可變衰減器。