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APM Hexseal


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APM Hexseal - Self-Sealing Fasteners, Nuts and Washers

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10 minutes
Sealing Fasteners and Washers
APM's patented, pre-assembled self-sealing screws and fasteners provide both fastening and sealing integrity in a single unit.
10 minutes
Circuit Breaker Boots
The circuit breaker boots are comprised of a clear silicone rubber that stays clear throughout its life and are made in 2 styles with several options available.
5 minutes
Environmental Switch Sealing Products
The different types of environmental seals available for toggle, pushbutton, rotary, rocker, and circuit breaker switches along with APM's product offering.

關於 APM Hexseal

「全球最惡劣的環境,就是我們的試驗場」是 APM Hexseal 自 1947 年以來的任務和座右銘,當時 APM 為美國海軍開發出首款開關和斷路器的高壓、密封護罩。APM 的高 IP 等級密封在設計上符合 MIL-B-5423 標準並通過 UL 認證,已有數百萬件產品廣泛用於航空電子、儀器、通訊、建築、航海、醫療以及工業與製程產業中。APM 亦提供完整的 UL 認證自行密封緊固件和墊圈,適合面板、電氣 NEMA 外殼及其他需要密封至 20,000 psig 的相關系統,以免受到腐蝕性液體和氣體的影響。