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RF 無所不在

Amphenol RF 是設計、製造和供應 RF 互連系統的全球領導廠。我們針對多樣化市場領域提供優異的連接器效能,並且引以為傲。

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Amphenol Commercial Products 推出耐用的連接器,適用於任何環境。提供適合不同工作溫度的多種效能款式,符合 IP 等級、IEC 規範以及 RoHS 指令。

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Amphenol 感測器品牌

Amphenol 的感測器產品組合,可針對最先進的感測應用提供豐富多樣化的標準型和客製化感測器解決方案



Inductive Motor Position Sensor for Electric / Hybrid Vehicles
PST-360 application: Brake-by-Wire / Pedal Sensor
SMP and SMPM Spring Loaded RF Bullets
Edge Lock RF PCB Connectors

近期的 PTM

10 minutes
Appliance Sensors
Amphenol's sensors are ideal for use in many household and commercial appliance applications and food storage applications.
5 minutes
EMI Noise-Immune Temperature Sensing
This presentation will demonstrate how Negative Temperature Coefficient thermistors can be protected from Electro-Magnetic Interference over a wide frequency range in automotive applications. It will review some common problems with EMI related nuisance heating effects and introduce the integrated RF bypass principle.
10 minutes
Indoor Air Quality Sensors
Amphenol's indoor air quality sensors monitor indoor environmental conditions to help maintain proper indoor air quality.
10 minutes
Harsh Environment CO2 Sensors
Amphenol Advanced Sensors offers IP65- and IP67-rated enclosures in both single-channel and dual-channel options to allow monitoring of CO2 in harsh environment applications.
5 minutes
Introduction to Dust Sensors
Amphenol Advanced Sensors offers a complete line of dust sensors and other air quality sensors that are available in multiple outputs and packages.
5 minutes
FL Series Temperature Sensor
Amphenol's FL series temperature sensor contains an NTC chip thermistor enclosed in a flat flexible circuit with a thin-film protective coating, ideal for tight applications.

關於 Amphenol

Amphenol 是全球最大的互連產品製造商之一。本公司設計、製造並行銷電氣、電子與光纖連接器、同軸和扁平帶狀纜線以及互連系統。Amphenol 在互連市場的高成長領域中採取多元化佈局,包括軍用與商業航太、汽車、寬頻通訊、工業、資訊科技及數據通訊設備、行動裝置與無線基礎架構。