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Noise Filter for Audio Line

Murata Electronics

This presentation will be focusing on noise suppression solutions for cellular phone and home audio. In each section, it will look into the common noise source and the noise suppression counterparts.
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BLM and NFZ Ferrite Beads for Filter Applications

圖片製造商零件編號說明濾波器類型線數阻抗值 @ 頻率現有數量查看詳情
FERRITE BEAD 120 OHM 1206 4LNBLA31AG121SN4DFERRITE BEAD 120 OHM 1206 4LN-4120 Ohms @ 100MHz21436 - 即時供貨查看詳情
FERRITE BEAD 600 OHM 1206 4LNBLA31AG601SN4DFERRITE BEAD 600 OHM 1206 4LN-4600 Ohms @ 100MHz49789 - 即時供貨查看詳情
FERRITE BEAD 1 KOHM 1206 4LNBLA31AG102SN4DFERRITE BEAD 1 KOHM 1206 4LN-41 kOhms @ 100MHz31253 - 即時供貨查看詳情
FERRITE BEAD 120 OHM 1206 4LNBLA31BD121SN4DFERRITE BEAD 120 OHM 1206 4LN訊號線路4120 Ohms @ 100MHz19850 - 即時供貨查看詳情
FERRITE BEAD 600 OHM 1206 4LNBLA31BD601SN4DFERRITE BEAD 600 OHM 1206 4LN訊號線路4600 Ohms @ 100MHz26032 - 即時供貨查看詳情
FERRITE BEAD 120 OHM 0402 1LNBLM15AG121SN1DFERRITE BEAD 120 OHM 0402 1LN-1120 Ohms @ 100MHz778799 - 即時供貨查看詳情
FERRITE BEAD 600 OHM 0402 1LNBLM15AG601SN1DFERRITE BEAD 600 OHM 0402 1LN-1600 Ohms @ 100MHz1357565 - 即時供貨查看詳情
FERRITE BEAD 1 KOHM 0402 1LNBLM15AG102SN1DFERRITE BEAD 1 KOHM 0402 1LN-11 kOhms @ 100MHz464705 - 即時供貨查看詳情

LQW Inductors for Filter Applications

圖片製造商零件編號說明類型材料 - 核心容差現有數量查看詳情
FIXED IND 55NH 1.5A 45 MOHM SMDLQW18CN55NJ00DFIXED IND 55NH 1.5A 45 MOHM SMD線繞式鐵氧體±5%2828 - 即時供貨查看詳情
FIXED IND 330NH 630MA 250MOHM SMLQW18CNR33J00DFIXED IND 330NH 630MA 250MOHM SM線繞式鐵氧體±5%20134 - 即時供貨查看詳情
FIXED IND 470NH 500MA 450MOHM SMLQW18CNR47J00DFIXED IND 470NH 500MA 450MOHM SM線繞式鐵氧體±5%9190 - 即時供貨查看詳情
FIXED IND 560NH 450MA 480MOHM SMLQW18CNR56J00DFIXED IND 560NH 450MA 480MOHM SM線繞式鐵氧體±5%4695 - 即時供貨查看詳情
FIXED IND 1.5NH 1A 30 MOHM SMDLQW15AN1N5D00DFIXED IND 1.5NH 1A 30 MOHM SMD線繞式無磁性±0.5 nH0查看詳情
FIXED IND 2.7NH 850MA 50MOHM SMDLQW15AN2N7D00DFIXED IND 2.7NH 850MA 50MOHM SMD線繞式無磁性±0.5 nH83040 - 即時供貨查看詳情
FIXED IND 4.3NH 750MA 70MOHM SMDLQW15AN4N3C00DFIXED IND 4.3NH 750MA 70MOHM SMD線繞式無磁性±0.2 nH24245 - 即時供貨查看詳情
FIXED IND 4.7NH 750MA 70MOHM SMDLQW15AN4N7C00DFIXED IND 4.7NH 750MA 70MOHM SMD線繞式無磁性±0.2 nH98800 - 即時供貨查看詳情
PTM Published on: 2019-04-08