HC-46X and CSM-3X Quartz Crystals

ECS introduce the HC-46X and CSM-3X series through-hole and SMD crystals

Image of ECS Inc International's HC-46X and CSM-3X Quartz CrystalsECS Inc. introduces space-saving crystal packages in the miniature versions of the CSM-7X and HC-49USX.

The HC-46X and CSM-3X products have a frequency range of 12.00 MHz through 40.00 MHz. They offer extended temperature ranges and tighter tolerances to meet specific needs. These space-saving, cost-reducing devices will work on existing platforms with minor land pattern modifications, as well as new future board level design layouts.

The HC-46X and CSM-3X will work well for many applications, including: RFID, smart utilities, microprocessors, non-life supportive medical devices, automotive, industrial instrumentations, and all wireless devices.

  • Reduces the footprint of the CSM-7X/HC-49US by 50% and 70% smaller in volume
  • CSM-3X and HC-46X are 70% smaller in volume than our traditional CSM-7X/HC49US
  • Frequency range: 12 MHz to 40 MHz
  • Lower cost package, reduces cost by 50% versus comparable sized ceramic packaged crystals
  • Tight tolerance / stability and extended temperature range options available.
  • Microprocessor
  • Automotive
  • Industrial
  • Wireless

HC-46X Series Thru-Hole (±50ppm -10°C ~ +70°C)

CRYSTAL 16.0000MHZ 20PF T/HECS-160-20-46XCRYSTAL 16.0000MHZ 20PF T/H16MHz1706 - 即時供貨
1000 - 工廠存貨
CRYSTAL 13.5600MHZ 20PF T/HECS-135.6-20-46XCRYSTAL 13.5600MHZ 20PF T/H13.56MHz1173 - 即時供貨查看詳情
CRYSTAL 33.0000MHZ 20PF T/HECS-330-20-46XCRYSTAL 33.0000MHZ 20PF T/H33MHz1291 - 即時供貨查看詳情
CRYSTAL 28.63636MHZ 20PF T/HECS-286.3-20-46XCRYSTAL 28.63636MHZ 20PF T/H28.63636MHz1658 - 即時供貨查看詳情
CRYSTAL 12.2880MHZ 20PF T/HECS-122.8-20-46XCRYSTAL 12.2880MHZ 20PF T/H12.288MHz1482 - 即時供貨查看詳情

CSM-3X Series SMD (±50ppm -10°C ~ +70°C)

CRYSTAL 12.0000MHZ 20PF SMDECS-120-20-3X-TRCRYSTAL 12.0000MHZ 20PF SMD12MHz804 - 即時供貨
11323 - 工廠存貨
CRYSTAL 12.2880MHZ 20PF SMDECS-122.8-20-3X-TRCRYSTAL 12.2880MHZ 20PF SMD12.288MHz2278 - 即時供貨
7000 - 工廠存貨
CRYSTAL 13.0000MHZ 20PF SMDECS-130-20-3X-TRCRYSTAL 13.0000MHZ 20PF SMD13MHz522 - 即時供貨
1000 - 工廠存貨
CRYSTAL 13.5600MHZ 20PF SMDECS-135.6-20-3X-TRCRYSTAL 13.5600MHZ 20PF SMD13.56MHz2815 - 即時供貨
4000 - 工廠存貨
CRYSTAL 14.31818MHZ 20PF SMDECS-143-20-3X-TRCRYSTAL 14.31818MHZ 20PF SMD14.31818MHz1390 - 即時供貨查看詳情

CSM-3X-EN Series SMD (±50ppm -40°C ~ +85°C)

CRYSTAL 12.0000MHZ 20PF SMDECS-120-20-3X-EN-TRCRYSTAL 12.0000MHZ 20PF SMD12MHz15848 - 即時供貨
10000 - 工廠存貨
CRYSTAL 12.2880MHZ 20PF SMDECS-122.8-20-3X-EN-TRCRYSTAL 12.2880MHZ 20PF SMD12.288MHz9150 - 即時供貨
10000 - 工廠存貨
CRYSTAL 13.0000MHZ 20PF SMDECS-130-20-3X-EN-TRCRYSTAL 13.0000MHZ 20PF SMD13MHz2998 - 即時供貨查看詳情
CRYSTAL 13.5600MHZ 20PF SMDECS-135.6-20-3X-EN-TRCRYSTAL 13.5600MHZ 20PF SMD13.56MHz1124 - 即時供貨
1000 - 工廠存貨
CRYSTAL 14.31818MHZ 20PF SMDECS-143-20-3X-EN-TRCRYSTAL 14.31818MHZ 20PF SMD14.31818MHz1241 - 即時供貨
6985 - 工廠存貨
發佈日期: 2013-07-02