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5 minutes
Ethernet Protection Products
The major transient threats to Ethernet systems, applications for Ethernet protection devices, and an overview of MCC's Ethernet protection device offering.
5 minutes
Transient Voltage Suppressors
MCC's TVS diodes offer extensive range meeting industry requirements from 400 W to 30 KW, exhibit excellent clamping ration, and no inherent wear-out mechanism.
5 minutes
Diode Handling and Mounting
ESD considerations for MCC diodes and the test and mounting precautions for them.

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Micro Commercial Components Corp.(MCC 創立於 1998 年,專門供應高品質離散式半導體給消費性市場。MCC 的產品包括二極體、整流器、電晶體、MOSFET、穩壓器以及防護元件。