- 十多年來,Melexis 一直致力於替汽車業設計與製造產品,提供眾多感測器 IC、ASSP 與 ASIC。 Melexis 的元件能在嚴格的汽車環境中可靠地滿足最高品質標準需求。

Melexis 的各個事業單位分別負責不同的產品線。 營運總部位於比利時。 在比利時、法國、德國、瑞士、保加利亞和烏克蘭皆設有研發中心。 探測與測試廠位於比利時、德國、瑞士和美國。 應用工程部主要位於美國、德國和法國。 企業行銷與銷售部則位於美國總部。

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TH72001 發佈日期:0001-01-01

This is the product information sheet for the TH72001 315MHz FSK transmitter from Melexis.

Analog voltage output with MLX90614 發佈日期:0001-01-01

This application note describes how to implement analog output voltage with the MLX90614 thermometer.

TH7122 發佈日期:0001-01-01

The TH7122 is a single chip FSK/FM/ASK transceiver IC that can be used for applications in automotive, industrial-scientific-medical, short range devices, or similar 300 MHz to 930 MHz applications.

Keep cool and safe en route with the Melexis MLX90129 發佈日期:0001-01-01

The MLX90129 is a contactless sensing system on a chip that targets applications such as cold chain management, industrial data logger or medical monitoring devices.

TH7122x Narrow Band 發佈日期:0001-01-01

This August 2004 application note from Melexis explains how the TH7122 and TH71221 can be used in narrow band FSK applications.

Solid State Switches - Applications 發佈日期:0001-01-01

This document contains some fundamental information about Hall-Effect sensors, magnetics, and the added value of programmable sensors and sensor interfaces.

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