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CnC Tech

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Custom Cables

CnC Tech has the experience and expertise to provide custom solutions for your applications.

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Visual Product Guide

CnC Tech’s products at a glance.

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IDC Solutions

CnC Tech’s IDC solutions come in a variety of connectors, terminations, and colors, all of which take advantage of insulation displacement technology.

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FEP Insulated Hook Up Wire
This presentation will introduce CnC Tech's FEP Insulated Hook-Up Wire.
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About CnC Tech

CnC Tech takes pride in providing reliable industrial connection and interconnect solutions when high quality parts and competitive pricing are important factors. With 17 years of experience, CnC Tech is committed to meeting the demands of an ever changing market.

CnC Tech’s product line includes raw wire, magnet wire, power cords, connectors, interconnects, USB cables, modular cables, standard cables, flat ribbon cables, and board level components, like IC sockets, IDC's, PLCC sockets and USB connectors. CnC Tech also specializes in fast turnaround custom cables and interconnects with original or equivalent connectors according to customers’ requirements. From flat ribbon cable interconnections, specialized custom cables to power cords of all kinds, CnC Tech’s capabilities are well known in the industry.