MaxBotix Inc.

- MaxBotix Inc. is one of the industry leading manufacturers of ultrasonic sensors offering easy-to-use ultrasonic rangefinders that provide stable range readings and are designed into a wide range of solutions for protected and non-protected environments including Kiosk Applications, Robotic Applications, UAV Applications, Vehicle Profiling Applications, and People Detection Applications. MaxBotix currently offers over 70 standard sensors across 13 product lines along with their related accessories. Whatever the application, MaxBotix has the ultrasonic sensor to handle the most challenging liquid and measurement environments. All products are made in the USA and are CE compliant.

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LV-MaxSonar®-EZ™ Series Sonar Range Finders

MaxBotix’s LV-MaxSonar®-EZ™ series are low power, high performance sonar range finders with 2.5 V to 5.5 V power in a small package. Learn More

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