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- Excelitas Technologies is a global technology leader delivering innovative optoelectronics and advanced electronic systems to a global base of leading OEM customers and integrators who seek the highest-performance from market-driven photonic solutions.

Our growing technology portfolio includes a wide range of thermal infrared sensors, photonic emitters, detectors, modules and instruments, pulsed Xenon lamps and light engines, Cermax® Short Arc Xenon lighting systems, high-intensity Xenon & Krypton flashlamps, medical and life science light sources, fiber optic illuminators and customized LED chip-on-board packages and fully integrated solutions.


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PYD 2792 DigiPyro® Motion Detector

Excelitas Technologies' PYD 2792 PIR sensors are for motion and presence detection with lowest power requirements. Learn More

Low Power DigiPyro® PYD 1598 Motion Sensor

Excelitas’ low power DigiPyro® PYD 1598 motion sensor converts signals to digital values using sigma-delta and DSP techniques. Learn More

LINOS Microbench™

Excelitas Technologies’ original 4-rod cage system for high-precision optical systems. Learn More

DigiPyro® 1500 Series IR Pyroelectric Detectors

Excelitas DigiPyro® 1500 series IR pyroelectric detectors are designed to meet the battery-operated requirements of next-generation smart home and mobile devices. Learn More

DigiPyro®, DigiPile™, CaliPile™, and SMT 905 nm Pulsed Semi Lasers

Excelitas’ DigiPyro 1500 series detectors feature wake-up / sleep modes to promote power savings and extend service life. Learn More

Single-Photon Counting Modules

Excelitas Technologies' single-photon counting modules are self-contained modules that meet the low light level analytical detection demands and enables faster, more affordable point of care diagnostics. Learn More

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Optem FUSION Micro-inspection Lens System Product Overview

The Optem FUSION product overview demonstrates the extreme versatility of the micro-inspection lens platform and how the system is effortlessly configured to meet nearly any application.