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Digilent Inc.

- Digilent Inc. is a leading electrical engineering products company serving students, universities, and OEM's worldwide with technology-based educational design tools. Based in Pullman, Washington, USA, Digilent designs, manufactures, and distributes its electronic design tools worldwide. Since its founding in 2000, Digilent products can now be found in over 2000 universities in more than 70 countries throughout the world. As a multinational company with offices in the US, Taiwan, China, and Romania, Digilent is able to provide low-cost, expert quality solutions for a variety of customer needs. In addition to its own products, Digilent has OEM design and manufacturing services for leading technology companies including Xilinx, Analog Devices, and Cypress Semiconductor.

Analog Discovery 2

Image of Digilent's Analog Discovery 2

Digilent's Analog Discovery 2 is a USB oscilloscope and multi-function instrument that allows users to measure, visualize, generate, record, and control mixed-signal circuits of all kinds. Learn More

Nexys Video™ FPGA Board

Image of Digilent's Nexys Video FPGA Board

Digilent’s Nexys Video™ ready-to-use board is a digital circuit development platform based on the latest Artix™-7 Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) from Xilinx. Learn More

Zybo Z7 Development Board

Image of Digilent's ZYBO Z7: Zynq-7000 ARM® Development Board

The Digilent Zybo Z7 is the newest addition to the popular Zybo line of ARM/FPGA SoC platform. Learn More

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Featured Product

Image of Digilent's Arty S7-50 Board with Xilinx Spartan-7 FPGA

Arty Z7-20 Development Board

Digilent's Arty Z7-20 is perfect for software, hardware, and system developers to build embedded vision applications. Learn More

Image of Digilent's Peripheral Modules

Peripheral Modules

Digilent's Pmods are small I/O interface boards that add extra functionality to microcontrollers and FPGAs. Learn More

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Image of Digilent's Multi-Touch Display Shield: Smart Display

Multi-Touch Display Shield Smart Display

Digilent's Multi-Touch Display Shield is a 2.8" touchscreen display with a powerful on-board PIC32MZ microcontroller that performs graphics processing tasks.

Learn More
Image of Xilinx Spartan-7 FPGA Family

Spartan®-7 FPGA Family

Spartan-7 devices, Xilinx's addition to their cost-optimized portfolio, offer the best in class performance per watt, along with small form factor packaging.

Learn More
Image of Digilent Pcam 5C Fixed Focus Color Camera Module

Pcam 5C Fixed Focus Color Camera Module

The Digilent Pcam 5C is an imaging module meant for use with development boards.

Learn More
Image of Digilent Basys MX3: PIC32MX Trainer Board for Embedded Systems Courses

Basys MX3™: PIC32MX Trainer Board for Embedded Systems Courses

The Digilent Basys MX3™ is a development platform for the Microchip PIC microcontroller (PIC32MX370).

Learn More
Image of Digilent Breadboard Adapter for Analog Discovery

Breadboard Adapter for Analog Discovery

Digilent's breadboard adapter is intended to be used with the Analog Discovery 2 (Analog Discovery) to provide a prototyping surface with a secure connection.

Learn More
Image of Digilent Pmod CAN: CAN 2.0B Controller

Pmod™ CAN: CAN 2.0B Controller with Integrated Transceiver

The Digilent Pmod™ CAN is a CAN 2.0B controller with an integrated transceiver featuring Microchip’s MCP25625.

Learn More

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Image of Digilent's Digital Discovery device

Digital Discovery

Duration: 5 minutes

An overview of Digilent's Digital Discovery and high speed adapter, including their features and benefits and typical applications.


NetFPGA SUME High-Performance Density Networking

Duration: 5 minutes

NetFPGA-SUME board is the ideal development board for high-performance and high density networking design

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Digilent Zybo-Z7 Dev Board | Digi-Key Daily

Zybo Z7 from Digilent comes in two Xilinx Zynq-7000 variants: Zybo Z7-10 features Xilinx XC7Z010-1CLG400C and Zybo Z7-20 features the larger Xilinx XC7Z020-1CLG400C.

Pmod Monthly-February 2017-Debugging Pmods with the Analog Discovery 2

Kaitlyn walks through a couple basic debugging steps with the Analog Discovery 2, and Talesa provides a coupon code for the Pmod ALS and PmodTPH2.

Pmod Monthly-October 2016 - How to use Pmod IPs with FPGA and Zynq Boards

Tommy Kappenman shows off some new IPs which make Digilent Peripheral Modules simple to implement in Vivado! Includes a side-by side comparison between creating a Zynq design and an Artix-7 with Microblaze.

Pmod Monthly-November 2016-Adding WiFi to your Digilent FPGA or Zynq Board

Tommy Kappenman walks through the process of setting up an FPGA board as an IOT platform through WiFi.

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