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- Founded in 1951 B&K Precision Corporation has built a reputation for excellence in the design and manufacture of high-quality, reliable and cost-effective test and measurement products. The company's products are used in a wide range of applications including design, research and development, production line testing, industrial maintenance, and electronic field service. B&K Precision also manufactures and supplies electronic equipment brands Global Specialties and Cal-Test Electronics.

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891 Bench LCR Component Tester

B&K Precision's 891 bench LCR meter is easy to operate and enhances productivity by providing remote control capabilities to perform daily operations. Learn More

894/895 Performance LCR Component Meters

B&K Precision's 894 and 895 LCR component meters provide flexible AC and DC test signal configuration for R&D, manufacturing, and quality control applications. Learn More

2800 Series DC Resistance Meters

B&K Precision's 2800 series of DC resistance meters are ideally suited for measuring contact resistance typically outside the range resistance of multimeters. Learn More

9130B Series Triple Output Programmable DC Power Supplies

B&K Precision's 9130B series triple output linear programmable DC power supplies feature isolated outputs that can be adjusted independently or combined in series or parallel to output higher voltage or current. Learn More

9800 Series Programmable AC Power Sources

B&K Precision's 9800 series is both a programmable AC source and measurement tool. These fully programmable linear AC sources deliver a maximum of 1500 VA through the universal line output terminals on the front and the output connector on the rear. Learn More

8600 Series Programmable DC Electronic Loads

B&K Precision's 8600 series programmable DC electronic loads provide the performance of modular system DC electronic loads in a compact benchtop form factor. Learn More

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DC Electronic Load Publish Date: 2013-08-19

Features include operating modes, accuracy, and low voltage operation. Suitable for testing and characterizing a wide range of DC power sources.

Duration: 10 minutes

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2840 Series DC Resistance Meters Overview

The 2840 Series DC resistance meters feature high accuracy and resolution measurements in the milliohm range.

9830 Series Programmable AC Power Sources Overview

Introducing the 9830 Series programmable AC power sources with low harmonic distortion and high power.

8600 Series Programmable DC Electronic Loads Overview

The 8600 Series programmable DC electronic loads provide the performance of modular system DC electronic loads in a compact benchtop form factor.

600B & 601B Battery Capacity Analyzers

The 600B and 601B Battery Capacity Analyzers address the need to test and maintain sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries used in backup power UPS, emergency lighting, fire alarms, security systems, and many other electrical systems.

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