SOFT-SHIELD® 4850 EMI Shielding Gasket

Parker Chomerics' low compression force shielding multiplanar conductive foam gaskets

Image of Parker Chomerics' SOFT-SHIELD® 4850 EMI Shielding GasketParker Chomerics SOFT-SHIELD 4850 series multiplanar, conductive, Z-axis foam consists of silver-plated fibers embedded into low-density open cell urethane foam and provide stable electrical performance as well as superb Z-axis conductivity with extremely short ground paths. The optimized conductive fiber construction allows for exceptional physical and mechanical properties. Manufactured in rolls, SOFT-SHIELD 4850 can be easily die cut or slit into rectangular/square strip gasket seals..

Features and Benefits

  • Very low closure force
  • UL 94 V-0 flammability rating
  • Excellent compression set properties
  • Excellent through resistance (< 30 milliohm at 25% gasket deflection)
  • Option of uniform electrically conductive (silver-plated copper) acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA)
  • RoHS compliant
  • Non-nickel bearing material
  • Non-bromine bearing material (silver plated materials)
  • Roll form compatible with high-speed/low-cost part conversion
  • Compartmental shielding or easy peel-and-stick grounding applications


  • Servers and desktop PCs
  • LCD/PCP large screen TVs
  • Indoor electronics applications
  • Telecom infrastructure rack and enclosure components
  • I/O panels
  • Backplanes
  • Connectors
  • Access panels

SOFT-SHIELD® 4850 EMI Shielding Gasket

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionHeightAvailable QuantityView Details
SOFT SHIELD 4850 124850-12-1212-0100SOFT SHIELD 4850 12"X12" 1MM0.039" (1.00mm)20 - ImmediateView Details
SOFT SHIELD 4850 124850-12-1212-0150SOFT SHIELD 4850 12"X12" 1.5MM0.059" (1.50mm)22 - ImmediateView Details
SOFT SHIELD 4850 124850-12-1212-0200SOFT SHIELD 4850 12"X12" 2MM0.079" (2.00mm)39 - ImmediateView Details
SOFT SHIELD 4850 124850-12-1212-0300SOFT SHIELD 4850 12"X12" 3MM0.118" (3.00mm)23 - ImmediateView Details
SOFT SHIELD 4850 124850-12-1212-0400SOFT SHIELD 4850 12"X12" 4MM-21 - ImmediateView Details
SOFT SHIELD 4850 124850-12-1212-0500SOFT SHIELD 4850 12"X12" 5MM0.197" (5.00mm)2 - ImmediateView Details
Published: 2018-10-01