A-Cute Car Quick Start Guide Datasheet by Terasic Inc.

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‘l F’ll ’l'r’l'l'”l' H::2uetooth Remote Control m a S c A-Cute car system CD also includes a Bluetooth remote control demo code. WWW ”Fail“ CW" QuickSIEn Guide > > > Users can remote control the A—Cute car from any Andmld moblle via Bluetootn if Terasic Bluetooth module. BTSVTMD. has been lnstalled. The BTSeTMD ls sold separately. BTS Module ETS Module (optlonal) TMD Header Users can download and install the Androld application for remote control via Bluetooth by scanning the QR code from any Android deVlce. SmanCarRemote apk H:ower Infarma on The bundled AA batteries only can offer 5-10 minutes on the Line Following Demo seltlng Rechargeable AA batteries are recommended lr users plan on uslng the demo larextended periods at time. Four 2400mm rechargeable AA batterles Carl supply approxlmalely 2 hours or powerror the demo A—Cute carcan also be powered lram the 5V power adaptervla the oc adapter cable. as shown 0 A-Cule Car 9 Four AA batteries 9 IR Remote Conlrol 9 USB Cable 6 5V Power Adapter (3 DC Adapter Cable 0 Qulck Start Guide below. Dc adapter cable DC INPUT E] If you encounter any problems, please Contact us vla www. mm“ mm B Emall: support@teraslc. oorn E Tel: +886-3-575-OBSD www terasic corn CPTeSZBl 701
Haven/kw The Aecute car is an FPGA based line following robot car. It consists of DEOANano rnainboard, SCD (Smart Car Daughter card) motor board, and sensor daughter card. The SCD motor board includes a pair of lamps, buzzer, motor driver DRV8833, IR receiver, ADC chip LT2308. and TMD (Terasic Mini Digital) expansion header. The sensor daughter card includes seven Photo lnterrupters which are used to track dark line(s) on a white background. DED-Nano Board Cyclone IV FPGA AA Battery x4 Motor Board . \ ' a ./ ' Lamp x2 Motor Driver x2 Buzzer Sensor Board IR Receiver Sensor x7 Elownload System CD Users can download the latest system CD from ht‘tp://car.terasic.comlcd Ileflarm Power-an Test Setup lR Remote Control ' .Set the power SWitch of SCD board to OFF position. .Install the four AA batteries into the battery holder. .Set the power SWitch of SOD board to ON position. .The car buzzer Will beep and lamp will flash when the power is on. 5.Use the IR remote control to control the A-Cute car Preparation for the Line FoIIoWing Demo .Prepare the BLACK LINE map .Place the sensor board across the BLACK LINE .Press KEYO or KEY1 on the DEG-Nana to start the line followmg demo. -.Press the PLAY button on the IR remote control can also start the demo. Power Switch Beep Beep Lamp Lag“, Adjust I I . Stop Movmg Speed m Line Following 0: Min._ 16 9. Max. ‘I (a C9: —Forward Left Right \N\N\N tnrnqir‘. Chm

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