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- TRINAMIC Motion Control GmbH provides integrated circuits and modules for motor and motion control to customers all over the world, most of them leaders in their industry. TRINAMIC products are used in leading-edge industries such as biotechnology, lab automation, semiconductor handling equipment, CCTV, factory automation, and control all kinds of embedded motion control systems.

TMC8461/TMC8462 EtherCAT® Slave Controllers

Image of TRINAMIC Motion Control's TMC8461/TMC8462 EtherCAT® Slave Controllers

TRINAMIC Motion Control's TMC8461 and TMC8462 are the first EtherCAT slave controllers with high voltage I/O and integrated real-time motor control peripherals. Learn More

BOB - Breakout Boards

Image of TRINAMIC's BOB - Breakout Boards

TRINAMIC Motion Control's open source BOBs for their chips transform digital information into physical motion. Learn More

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TMC2209 Ultra-Silent Motor Driver IC

TRINAMIC's TMC2209 is the ultimate stepper driver for desktop solutions, allowing stall detection and extremely silent operation at the same time. Learn More

TMC6200 High-Power Gate Drivers

With TRINAMIC’s TMC6200 high-voltage gate driver it's easy to build a sophisticated drive with safety features and diagnostics. Learn More

PD42-x-1670 Closed-Loop, Smart BLDC Motors

TRINAMIC's PD42-x-1670 closed-loop, smart BLDC motors are controlled via CAN bus interface and offer two firmware options, TMCL and CANopen. Learn More

TMC5161 cDriver™ ICs

Trinamic's TMC5161 cDriver™ solution is an easy to use building block with a powerful integrated MOSFET driver stage and complete motion control features. Learn More

TMC2160-TA High-Power Stepper Driver IC

TRINAMIC's TMC2160-TA stepper driver IC interfaces between a motion controller and a high-power stepper motor to optimize every motor movement. Learn More

Motion Control Solutions

TRINAMIC's StealthChop™, SilentStepSticks, and evaluation boards work together for a total motion control system. Learn More

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TMC6200 High-Power Gate Driver for PMSM Servo or BLDC Motors Publish Date: 2019-08-08

This presentation will introduce the high-power, 3-phase Gate Driver TMC6200 for PMSM servo or BLDC motors.

Duration: 10 minutes
TMC5160 High-Power Stepper Motor Driver and Controller with StealthChop™ Publish Date: 2019-05-08

This presentation will introduce Trinamic’s TMC5160 Stepper Motor Driver and Controller using external MOSFETs for high-power drives.

Duration: 10 minutes
TMC2130 Stepper Motor Driver with Stealthchop Publish Date: 2015-11-17

TMC2130 stepper motors and minimum circuitry and dimensioning of their designs.

Duration: 15 minutes
TMC2100 Stepper Motor Driver Publish Date: 2015-03-27

Introduction to Trinamic’s TMC2100 Stepper Motor Driver

Duration: 10 minutes

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Getting started with the TMCL Creator and the TMCM-3212 Module

In this video Joshua introduces the TRINAMIC TMCL Creator and programs the TRINAMIC TMCM-3212 module for 3 Axis stepper motor control. He explains step by step how to code a standalone program for the TMCM-3212 module with the TMCL-IDE.

How to use graphs within the TMCL-IDE

In this session, our Field Application Engineer Thomas Ernst explains how you can use the TMCL-IDE's graphs and logging feature for your evaluations using the PD-1270 PANdrive and a potentiometer.

Getting started with the TRINAMIC TMCM-3212 module

In this video, Joshua introduces the TRINAMIC TMCM-3212 module for 3 Axis stepper motor control and explains step by step how to use the TMCM-3212 module with the TMCL-IDE.

How to get started with the Trinamic Hall Sensor Wiring Wizard for BLDC / PMSM Modules

This Video shows in easy to follow steps, how to get started with the Trinamic Hall Sensor Wiring Wizard for BLDC / PMSM Modules and one of Trinamics Eval Boards for BLDC / PMSM Modules the TMCC160 Eval Board.

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