KN27 Series LED Lighting Connectors

Hirose offers its KN27 series, small-sized, LED lighting module connectors with high current (9 A)

Image of Hirose's KN27 Series ConnectorsHirose has launched an easy-to-use, tool-less strip-and-poke connector ideal for LED lighting module applications. With a height of only 4.2 mm, the KN27 series offers a space-saving design of 3.9 mm width (for single contact) and 11.85 mm length, all using a standard industry footprint. In addition, the smaller KN27 series offers a higher current rating of up to 9 A.

The KN27 series connector was developed to replace traditional terminal blocks in LED lighting module applications. The strip-and-poke design eliminates the need to screw down the connection and check for loosened terminal block screws, which offers a more reliable termination that reduces installation variation, time, and cost.

The KN27 series LED lighting connector features a rugged, two-point contact design that provides a reliable connection. The connector has an internal guide system that makes cable insertion simple and foolproof. A lever provides for easy cable extraction. The KN27 series is offered in 1-pin or 2-pin models and accepts 18 AWG to 24 AWG. The connector meets halogen-free requirements and is RoHS compliant.

  • Small, low-profile design
  • Industry-standard footprint
  • Two-point contact design producing superior contact reliability
  • Ease-of-connection achieved by guided insertion design
  • Easy cable disengagement lever
  • Wide vacuum pick-up area
  • RoHS- and halogen-free compliance

KN27 Series LED Lighting Connectors

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionNumber of PositionsAvailable QuantityView Details
KN27-2S-4H(835) datasheet linkCONN RCPT 2POS 18-24AWG SMD RAKN27-2S-4H(835)CONN RCPT 2POS 18-24AWG SMD RA21671 - Immediate
KN27-2S-4H(835) product page link
KN27-1S-H(835) datasheet linkCONN RCPT 1POS 18-24AWG SMD RAKN27-1S-H(835)CONN RCPT 1POS 18-24AWG SMD RA12151 - Immediate
KN27-1S-H(835) product page link
Published: 2016-10-28