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C1026B Series

Parallax Inc. 28821

Supplier: Parallax Inc.

Subtitle: 3VDC, Vibration Motor Flat Coin
Description: This is a small flat coin vibration motor with adhesive backing. Vibration motors are used today in an endless amount of applications. These are quality motors used in medical, automotive, consumer and industrial products.

Category: ElectromechanicalMotors, Solenoids, Driver Boards, ModulesMotors - AC, DC

Continuous Rotation DC Servo

Parallax Inc. 900-00008

Supplier: Parallax Inc.

Subtitle: 6 VDC Continuous Rotation Servo Motor
Description: The Parallax Continuous Rotation servo is ideal for robotic products that need a geared wheel drive or other projects that require a 360 degree rotation geared motor. The Parallax Continuous Rotation servo output gear shaft is a standard Futaba configuration. The servo can be adjusted with a smal...

Category: ElectromechanicalMotors, Solenoids, Driver Boards, ModulesMotors - AC, DC

High Speed Servo

Parallax Inc. 900-00360

Supplier: Parallax Inc.

Subtitle: High Speed Continuous Rotation Servo
Description: Parallax’s High Speed Continuous Rotation Servo offers easily controlled bi-directional rotation via simple pulse width modulation. With about 3 times the RPM of the original Parallax Continuous Rotation Servo, it makes an excellent drive motor for small, zippy robots.

Category: ElectromechanicalMotors, Solenoids, Driver Boards, ModulesMotors - AC, DC

Standard DC Servo

Parallax Inc. 900-00005

Supplier: Parallax Inc.

Subtitle: Parallax Standard Servo
Description: Parallax standard servo holds any position between 0 and 180 degrees. High precision gear made of the POM (polyacetal) resin makes the operation smooth causing no backlash.

Category: ElectromechanicalMotors, Solenoids, Driver Boards, ModulesMotors - AC, DC

Vibration Motor Capsule

Parallax Inc. 28822

Supplier: Parallax Inc.

Subtitle: Vibration Motor Capsule
Description: This is a fully encapsulated cylindrical permanent magnetic DC vibration motor. Vibration motors are used today in an endless amount of applications. These are quality motors used in medical, automotive, consumer and industrial products.

Category: ElectromechanicalMotors, Solenoids, Driver Boards, ModulesMotors - AC, DC

Matrix Membrane Keypad

Parallax Inc. 27899

Supplier: Parallax Inc.

Subtitle: 4x4 Matrix Membrane Keypad
Description: This 16-button keypad provides a useful human interface component for microcontroller projects. Convenient adhesive backing provides a simple way to mount the keypad in a variety of applications.

Category: ElectromechanicalSwitchesKeypad Switches

2-Axis Joystick

Parallax Inc. 27800

Supplier: Parallax Inc.

Subtitle: 0.01W, 31mm x 28mm Rectangular, Through Hole
Description: 2 Axis, Joystick Potentiometer

Category: ElectromechanicalSwitchesNavigation Switches, Joystick

Gimbal Joystick with Adapter

Parallax Inc. 27808

Supplier: Parallax Inc.

Subtitle: Surface Mount Joystick
Description: This quad-bearing gimbal joystick provides a two-axis resistive output for controlling position, velocity, tilt, etc., as an input device to various microcontrollers, including Parallax’s P8X32A Propeller chip and BASIC Stamp family of modules.

Category: ElectromechanicalSwitchesNavigation Switches, Joystick

Boots, Gaskets, Seals - APM Hexseal

APM Hexseal C1221/21 4

Supplier: APM Hexseal

Subtitle: Boots, Gaskets, Seals
Description: APM Hexseal boots cover the exterior portions of a switch or other devices to protect it from the environment and also prevent the environment from entering the equipment and causing secondary damage.

Category: ElectromechanicalSwitchesAccessories, KitsBoots, Gaskets, Seals