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Parallax Inc.
Continuous Rotation DC Servo
Parallax Inc.
High Speed Servo
Parallax Inc.
Standard DC Servo
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High Speed Servo

High Speed Continuous Rotation Servo

Parallax Inc.

Parallax’s High Speed Continuous Rotation Servo offers easily controlled bi-directional rotation via simple pulse width modulation. With about 3 times the RPM of the original Parallax Continuous Rotation Servo, it makes an excellent drive motor for small, zippy robots.

  • Bi-directional continuous rotation
  • Up to 150 RPM @ 6 VDC, or 180 RPM @ 7.4 VDC
  • Linear response to PWM for easy ramping
  • Accepts four mounting screws
  • 3-pin ground-power-signal cable and female header with 0.1" spacing for quick connection
Applications :
  • Robotics
  • Basic movement projects
  • Function:Servomotor, RC (Hobby)
  • Motor Type:Continuous Rotation
  • RPM:120 RPM ~ 180 RPM
  • Termination Style:Wire Leads with Connector
  • Type:DC Motor
  • Weight:0.093 lb (42.18 g)

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900-00360900-00360SERVOMOTOR RC 120 RPM 6V DC MotorServomotor, RC (Hobby)Continuous Rotation6VDCRoHS
900-00025900-00025SERVOMOTOR RC 180 RPM 6-8V DC MotorServomotor, RC (Hobby)Continuous Rotation6 ~ 8VDCRoHS

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Parallax Inc. 32600
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