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Parallax Inc.
2-Axis Joystick
Parallax Inc.
Gimbal Joystick with Adapter
Pimoroni Ltd
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Gimbal Joystick with Adapter

Surface Mount Joystick

Parallax Inc.

This quad-bearing gimbal joystick provides a two-axis resistive output for controlling position, velocity, tilt, etc., as an input device to various microcontrollers, including Parallax’s P8X32A Propeller chip and BASIC Stamp family of modules.

Product Description

The Joystick comes pre-wired with a 6-wire cable and 1.5 mm plug. An adapter kit with a matching 1.5 mm socket is included, for convenient prototyping on breadboards or through hole boards. Simple soldering is required to use the optional but highly recommended adapter.

  • Smooth ball-bearing action on both axes.
  • Selectable spring return-to-center on vertical axis
  • Selectable detents and/or friction on vertical axis
  • Adapter kit for 0.1” spacing is included for easy prototyping (simple soldering required)
  • Game controller
  • Remote control for robotics
  • Manual control for interactive displays
  • Actuator Type:Joystick
  • Mounting Type:Panel Mount
  • Output:Analog (Resistive)
  • Resistance:5 kOhms
  • Switch Function:4-Way Directional
  • Termination Style:Wire Leads with Connector
  • Type:Joystick, 2 - Axis